Why the name OnPoint?

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Have you ever seen a hunting dog on point? It's fascinating to watch the dogs whole body go into action.  They go all in because that is what they are born to do - it's innate.  

In January of 2018 my family added a new member . . . Schuyler, a full-blooded German Short-Haired Pointer.  Named after Eliza Hamilton, one of the famed "Schuyler Sisters" because we are all obsessed with Hamilton the Musical.   Schuyler brought an energy and a love for life that was good for all of us.  This is our sweet Schuyler.



One of my favorite things to do is to take her on a hike through our woods and watch her do what she was born to do . . . point! When there is something of interest to her (usually a bird or rabbit), she lifts her front paw and her entire body goes into action. By nature, German Short-haired Pointers are a bundle of energy.  Schuyler will run and run and then run some more while she is playing in the yard.  But, when she goes on point it's like all of that energy is harnessed and focused on this one purpose. 

Watching Sky do her thing has been inspiring for me because she has reminded me that I too have a thing I was born to do. It involves setting a stage for stories and memories.  One where groups of people come together and create moments that they will never forget. I've developed skills that allow me to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to forge new friendships, strengthen existing relationships, and build new memories. Event details are my thing. Like Schuyler goes on point when she senses it's time to jump into action, events cause my heart to beat fast and make me feel as though I'm doing what I was born to do.

As my new event company began to take shape the name became clear . . . this is what makes me feel on point!  I want to focus my strengths and harness my energy toward creating events that make a difference.  I want to create an environment that allows people to make real connections.  

I want to create moments that can make a difference in your business, your relationships and your life. 

So, now you know what Onpoint Event+Design is all about!